Fresh Organic Beans Roasted Daily

In 1985, an old bookstore in the Cannery Village was dismantled and turned into a wholesale coffee warehouse. People in the area soon got wind of something new in the neighborhood. Fresh hot coffee was available for the locals and served out the side door. Soon people gathered and got the munchies while drinking their cappuccino and Alta quickly became a quaint, local gathering place that offers great fresh brewed coffee, good eats and good times.

Our organic certified coffee beans are roasted every morning in small batches, thus ensuring freshness. The result is smooth, flavorful, and full bodied coffee – never stale or bitter. Whenever possible, these organic coffees are bought on the fair trade market – that means money goes back to the farmer! The wide variety of coffees we offer reflect our unwavering support of ALL farmers who practice sustainable land use. Take a pound or two home, ground or whole bean.

Roasted to perfection by Wilson Coffee Roasters


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